VR - Email Blast
VR - Email Blast
VR - Email Blast
VR - Email Blast

VR - Email Blast

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Email Blast - Image Included in our Email Blast

Length: 1 Email 

The average open rate is 29%.
Average click rate is 13.7% on emails with Call to Action buttons


This is an email blast. There are no confirmations, no approvals and no proofs. We will develop the email based on the content you send us. Incomplete submissions will not be run as they compromise the integrity of our platform. You will be added to our mailing list before your email runs.

Pictures and text must be emailed before ad runs 

REQUIREMENTS (What to send us)

  • Images must be sent in completion prior to the run date if not created in-house.
  • Any incomplete submissions will not be run until completed.
  • Banner Images
  • Banner Image (600x600px JPG) or 
  • Banner Image with Call to Action
  • High Quality Image with with Food or 
  • High Quality Image with Scenery

  • 580 Characters max, 250 Characters Min
  • Brand Description or
  • Featured Product Description or
  • Current Promotions

What not to send us

  • Plain product shots with white/transparent background
  • Over/underexposed pictures