VR - Intro Pack
VR - Intro Pack

VR - Intro Pack

Regular price $500.00

Permanent Placement on the Intro Pack Page

Offer our clients a starter package to get your products onto their shelves.

We suggest offering a 40% or higher discount off the bottles/combined total.

For example, if your bottles normally wholesale for $10, 63 bottles would cost $630.

With the intro pack, we would offer it for $378 (a 40% discount). This gets your products onto the shelves of our clients.

Required Information

  • How many bottles included?
  • What flavors included?
    • Short Flavor Descriptions
    • Bottle Sizes
    • How many bottles per nicotine level
  • 1000x1000 JPG
    • Photo Showcasing the included flavors or bottles


Example of an intro pack

Included are 63 bottles of my favorite eJuice!

  • Flavor1 - Short description here
  • Flavor2 - Short description here
  • Flavor3 - Short description here

Included are

  • 0MG - 2 Bottles of each flavor
  • 3MG - 5 Bottles of each flavor
  • 6MG - 2 Bottles of each flavor