Whether you are looking to build brand awareness, increase exposure, or keep products relevant we are here to supply solutions to your promotional needs.

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VR - Intro Pack

VR - Intro Pack

Offer our clients a starter package to get your products onto their shelves.

We suggest offering a 40% or higher discount on the products/combined total.

For example, if your products normally wholesale for $10, 63 units would cost $630.  With the intro pack, we would offer it for $378 (a 40% discount). This gets your products onto the shelves of our clients.

Required Information

  • How many products included?
  • What flavors included?
    • Short Flavor Descriptions
    • Product Sizes
    • How many units per variant
  • 1000x1000 JPG
    • Photo Showcasing the included flavors or products with offer and CTA


Example of an intro pack:

Included are 63 bottles of my favorite eJuice!

  • Flavor1 - Short description here
  • Flavor2 - Short description here
  • Flavor3 - Short description here

Included are

  • Variant - 2 of each flavor
  • Variant - 5 of each flavor
  • Variant - 2 of each flavor

Opening quote mark

Vape Ranger has been a valuable partner in promoting our line-up of brands and flavors to the vaping community. Highly recommend working with them especially with the wide range of media placements and holiday offerings they provide.

-Daddy's Vapor - Twist E-Liquids

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